Thanks to everyone who made it out to our banquet last night! Photos of the event by Kelly Bracken are available in our gallery.

Below are the winners of the 2013 Member Awards, announced at the banquet. Congratulations to all, and we look forward to your participation in 2014! Photographer of the Year:

  • Kevin Lee

Videographer of the Year:

  • Nannette Van Antwerp

2013 Photos (Open):

  • 1st Place - Kevin Lee
  • 2nd Place - Tony Frank
  • 3rd Place - Kelly Bracken

2013 Photos (Novice):

  • 1st Place - Phil Garner
  • 2nd Place - Walter Bassi
  • 3rd Place - Merry Passage

2013 Video (Open):

  • 1st Place - Nannette Van Antwerp
  • 2nd Place - Anastasia Laity
  • 3rd Place - Walter Marti

2013 Video (Novice):

  • 1st Place - Dana Rodda
  • 2nd Place - John Forbes
  • 3rd Place - Phil Garner

2013 Dave Nesheim Memorial Shootout:

  • Open Photo - Mike Couffer
  • Novice Photo - Phil Garner
  • Video - Nannette Van Antwerp

We ran several competitions last night - thanks to everyone for a great turnout! 5-Minute Edited Video: 1st Place Open - Nannette Van Antwerp 2nd Place Open - Anastasia Laity 3rd Place Open - Matt Berry 1st Place Novice - Dana Rodda 2nd Place Novice - Phil Garner Dave Nesheim Memorial Shootout: 1st Place Open - Mike Couffer 2nd Place Open - Kevin Lee 3rd Place Open - Bill Van Antwerp 1st Place Novice - Phil Garner 2nd Place Novice - Merry Passage 3rd Place Novice - Merry Passage 1st Place Video - Nannette Van Antwerp 2nd Place Video - Walter Marti 3rd Place Video - Anastasia Laity 2014 LAUPS Print Calendar: 1st Place - Tony Frank 2nd Place - Kelly Bracken 3rd Place - Kevin Lee Congratulations!

slugs 1st Place 5-Minute Edited Video: Nannette Van Antwerp