Please join us on Wednesday, March 15th at 7:30 pm, at the Natural History Museum (probably in the 2nd floor classroom - follow signs in case location changes).

Instead of a single long presentation this month, we have several mini-talks and trip reports scheduled, and we're open to adding a few more at the last minute so get those trip photos organized! 

Dwight Crumb: Video Formats

An open forum evening on video formats. We will talk about topics like the reasons for I (interlace) and P (progressive) and when should you use which one. What about 4K?

Anastasia Laity: Video Tips for the Underwater Photography

Some basic tips and tricks for people starting to shoot video underwater.  When do I need a red filter?  How can I find music?  Why are my shots so wobbly?  Advice from other videographers in the room also welcome!

Fletcher and John Forbes: Anilao

Bill and Nannette Van Antwerp: Romblon

Your Name Here: Someplace Cool!



March Competitions:

Please see our submission instructions


Video entries may also be brought on thumb drive*** to the meeting, or you can  send them via email (, Dropbox, WeTransfer, or other method.

***If you are entering a video that you are bringing in on a thumb drive, you must declare your intended entry by Monday midnight, so we will know whether we are able to have both open and novice competitions or a single combined category.


FEBRUARY - "Blue Background"

Stills  - Click here to see all the winning images

1st Place Open – Tony Frank
2nd Place Open – Fletcher Forbes, Fletcher Forbes
3rd Place Open  – Jeff Laity

1st Place Novice – Chris Askew
2nd Place Novice – Chris Askew
3rd Place Novice – Linda Takvorian

Video - Click here to see all the winning videos

1st Place Open  – Dwight Crumb
2nd Place Open  – Anastasia Laity
3rd Place Open –  John Forbes

1st Place Novice  – Janet Crumb
2nd Place Novice – Janet Crumb
3rd Place Novice –  Linda Takvorian


February 1st Place: Tony Frank