This month’s winners have been posted on our gallery:

Stills ("Portfolio") - Click here to see all the winning images

1st Place – Cameron Azad
2nd Place – Bill Van Antwerp
3rd Place – Kevin Lee, Dana Rodda, Jeff Laity


Video ("3-minute Edited") - Click here to see all the winning videos

1st Place  – Anastasia Laity
2nd Place  – Janet Crumb
3rd Place –  Janet Crumb




1st Place: Cameron Azad

Please join us on Wednesday, April 19th at 7:30 pm, at the Natural History Museum (probably in the 2nd floor classroom - follow signs in case location changes), for a presentation by David Borus.

Diving for more than 40 years, David is an explorer, underwater photographer, and publisher of Ocean Geographic USA.
From David:
Ocean Geographic is the most beautiful ocean magazine on the planet, it is also one of the very best. 
Ocean Geographic is created by Michael Aw - one of the world’s most highly awarded underwater photographers, and most productive too. We have a who-is-who is the ocean elite that sit on our Editorial Board, write for the magazine, and sometimes travel with us too. Ocean Geographic is published in Singapore, and the USA. We just turned 10years old as a publication, and are now in our 4th year as an American company. Everything we do in print is exceptionally beautiful.



April Competitions:

  • Stills: Portfolio Competition.  Entrants may submit up to five (5) images that make up a portfolio - your portfolio could show off a particular style, a favorite subject, a recent trip, or any other theme you choose.
  • Video: 3-minute Edited

Please see our submission instructions.  Entries due by 11:59pm SUNDAY, April 16 (NOTE EARLY DEADLINE!).

Video entries may also be brought on thumb drive*** to the meeting, or you can  send them via email (, Dropbox, WeTransfer, or other method.

***If you are entering a video that you are bringing in on a thumb drive, you must declare your intended entry by Monday midnight, so we will know whether we are able to have both open and novice competitions or a single combined category.