Please join us on Wednesday, September 20th at 7:30 pm, at the Natural History Museum (room TBD) for a presentation by Dr. Hans Bertsch.

From Hans:
I study the ecology and biology of nudibranchs, which are shell-less gastropod mollusks and are often called sea slugs. I especially study their taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships, long-term community variations, feeding biogeography, and global patterns of distribution.  Although no stranger to the Caribbean and Central West Pacific, my main research area has been the water around Mexico's Baja California peninsula.



September Competitions:

  • Mini-comps: "Ugly", and also "Juveniles" (rescheduled from August) - please indicate which is which when you submit your entries!

Please see our submission instructions.  Entries due by 11:59pm Tuesday, September 19.

NOTE: Anastasia will not have email access over the weekend until late Tuesday night, so you will not receive a "I got your photos" reply until Wednesday morning.  If you're worried, please feel free to bring your entries on a thumb drive just in case.

Video entries may also be brought on thumb drive to the meeting, or you can  send them via email (, Dropbox, WeTransfer, or other method.



Please note the meeting for August 16 has been cancelled due to a combination of factors.

We will figure out a way to rescheduled the planned competitions - and  hope to see you all in September!