Thanks to everyone who contributed trip reports last night - we had some great presentations before folks got down to business swapping gear!

For those of you who couldn't make it, here are the winners of last night's minicomps:

Stills: "Diver in Scene"

1st Place Open - Jeff Laity
2nd Place Open - Tony Frank
3nd Place Open - Fletcher Forbes
1st Place Novice - Richard Todd
2nd Place Novice - Richard Todd
3rd Place Novice - Phil Garner

Video: "Cleaning Stations"

1st Place Open - Nannette Van Antwerp
2nd Place Open - Anastasia Laity
3rd Place Open - Nannette Van Antwerp
1st Place Novice - John Forbes
2nd Place Novice - Dana Rodda

Note: next month's category is "Sand Creatures" Congratulations!

1st Place Open: Jeff Laity


Please join us in the Times Mirror room of the Natural History Museum at 7:30pm, Wednesday September 18, for monthly minicomps, trip reports and our annual Swap Meet!


We love having one or two people share their dive experiences at the beginning of meetings, so if you have a short trip report (about 5 minutes) you'd like to share, please e-mail the webmaster.


Lots of us have old camera or dive gear hanging around that we’re not using. If it’s still in good shape, please bring it to the meeting. Members are encouraged to donate, trade, or sell (at reasonable prices) their unused equipment to meeting attendees.


This month’s minicomp topics are "Diver in Scene" (stills) and "Cleaning Stations" (video). Please submit your entries using our upload form no later than 11:59pm Tuesday September 17. OTHER NEWS: We still have spots available on our two-day Truth trip October 26-27. Photos taken on this trip can be entered in the LAUPS shootout (judging at November meeting). Sign up here!