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LAUPS Competition Entry Submission

Currently accepting entries for October competitions:

You may use the form twice to enter multiple competitions.

Deadline is 11:59pm Tuesday, October 14. Still images must be received by the deadline to be considered in the competition. The only exception is if you have technical difficulties using the upload form, in which case you must contact the webmaster prior to the deadline.

Image Size: Please size your photos to be 1440 pixels wide and 1050 high, adding black padding as necessary. This will help avoid problems with incorrect cropping when photos are projected at the meeting.

Members must be present at the meeting to win.

Videos may be uploaded below in Quicktime format if they are less than 100MB. Contact the webmaster about transferring large files, or you can bring them to the meeting on playable SD DVD or as a Quicktime movie.

First Name:
Last Name:
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Note: When using this form, you do NOT need to include your name and the competition in the filename; they will automatically be retrieved from the form.
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